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Monday, October 17, 2011

Blog One

Addict: to devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively

There are obvious things people are addicted to and people talk about them all the time. Being addicted to something or someone does not have the same definition as having an addictions to something which most often is considered taboo, (meaning it is harmful). Whether you are addicted to sewing or have an addiction is merely the difference between sewing until midnight and staying up all night to finish your project and having no real deadline to meet. Sewing can be an addiction for me when I decide it is more important to finish a project rather then get a full night of rest on a work night! Most often folks think of an addiction as something to sneer at, frown upon and even be to ashamed to admit they have.   I venture to say that most true quilters do have an addiction but is it really harmful?....or does it bring so much passion and joy to your life that the line is to thin to really say it is harmful!

I have decided to devote a bit of time...days, months maybe even years to making quilts that represent activities that people are addicted to.....perhaps an addiction....if taken too far. The first quilt was designed as a gift for a women in my life who built a $20,000 martini bar in her home. She is an exceptional women who puts exceptional effort into whatever she does and when the day is done enjoys a martini! I say she is addicted to enjoying life not to martini's but either way this quilt was made for her to enhance the enjoyment of her new martini bar!