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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Me and my Pets

This is the tutorial for the Hive 2 November block.

The background I choose is Kona Orchid....but if you don't have that you can use a coordinating Kona purple. The block should measure 10X 10 when you are finished. I would like you to make two blocks one of you and one of your favorite pet. I made one of myself and one for each of my three pets......They are all my favorites! Here are the finished blocks and brief instructions on how to make the blocks. Be creative and use whatever you would like to enhance your block. Beads, sequence, flowers...whatever represents you and your pet. If you don't have a pet you could make the second block of your favorite animal or guy, child just have fun with it. Please send me a brief description and the names along with your squares so I can put them under each picture! I hope you find this bunches of fun!

This is my self Portrait---on a good day!

This is snuggles 

 Mr.s Spine

Okay so it only kinda looks like me--My hair is in a ponytail.....

This cuddles

1)Draw or copy a picture of your favorite pet--I went online and looked up coloring book pages "FREE" They have all kinds of pets and peoples faces to work with.  

I traced them onto a separate piece of paper so that I could cut out the individual pieces.....fewer is better. 

I spray starched each of the fabric so they were very stiff. This is a quick way of doing appliqué. If you are not turning the corners under....but you can choose to use whatever method you like the best. 

Next I laid out the pieces and cut them out of the fabric that I choose.

Next Glue the pieces using fabric glue so they don't move around...of course you can baste if you don't like or have any fabric glue.

I found this in my halloween stash and thought it would make great eyes for my pets.....and then decided I liked enough to use for my self portrait as well. 

Using a fabric pen (Iron off) draw where you would like to sew lines onto the drawing. satin stitch around all of the little pieces and then satin stitch to the 10X10 square.

I think it really looks like Snuggles! So much fun!

Mr. Spine was not as happy to get his picture taken with the quilt block version. Let just say this was the best of around eight shots!

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  1. I love it!!!!! Just to clarify, when you say that the blocks will finish at 10" does that mean you want each to measure 10"square so when you sew them together they'll be 9 1/2"square? or do you want them to each be 10 1/2" square so when you sew them together they'll be 10" square? Just checking!