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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Martini Bar

 I worked with a women who upon deciding that children were not in her future would turn her attention to making a Martini Bar and working hard enough to deserve one! She assisted our company in the design and development of a new department which I had the good fortune of being one of the first to be hired into. What makes this even more interesting is that the department is one where most of the employees work from home. With this in mind she actually was the director of the department with the ideal of stepping down and working from home after the department was up, running and successful which she did. Because of her tremendous work most of us were able to work from home and I thought it appropriate to give her one of my quilts as
 a thank you gift from our department for all that she had accomplished.  I found the most appropriate material and decided to make this quilt which I designed specifically for her. (FYI, this was made in 2012, computers are new things for me, so I did not know how to change the dat eon the camera!) I learned a lot about quilting, design and working with different materials on this project. 

Since we all worked from home
 we developed a theme of bees flying to the beehive once a month for our monthly meetings. You will notice the "Queen" bee sitting on the lip of the glass which represent the women this was made for, in addition to the queen bee there is one bee for each of the folks who work in the department. I glass is made from silver ribbon with wire to allow it to stand out from the quilt.

 This bee has found the olive inside the glass.....drink up baby and eat the olive last!

This is a link to Blogger's Quilt Festival! .You will find it very interesting!
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  1. That's very fun - love all the extra details!

    1. Thanks for the comment! I love making quilts that are fun!

  2. Such a fun quilt! The details really make it special. Mmmm... a martini sounds really good about now too. :)