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Friday, May 25, 2012


I designed this little wall hanging for one of my favorite women at work who always says Whatever!! after just about anything anyone says. She is such a creative women with swag in her walk and sunshine in her attitude. I created the design using a Lorelee women and appliquéd it using the starch method that I learned at the Sewing Summit last year. Sewed around the words and the hot woman with a fun stitch finally, attempted to quilt it with my machine. I'm new at machine quilting but I really want to get good at it --I started learning how to do machine quilting at the Sewing Summit last year too! Really was worth going. 


  1. That is a awesome quilt.
    Stephanie Brown

  2. Love it. I think I need one too:)It's my answer to just about everything.

  3. I think we can work on that for you! Maybe with a different fabric??